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•  Speechwriter  •  Copywriter  •  Ghostwriter 
•  Advertising  •  TV  •  Radio 
•  Special Events Writer



"As a career DGA Director and TV executive producer, I can spot the best from the rest. Ann is simply the best. She brings with her an unmatched professional career skill-set, but just as important to me she comes with her "never give up" attitude. Ann can cope with unreal deadlines, handle last minute changes, and deal with the client grief that always happens. She makes each project shine with her good work and uncomplaining solid work ethic that is critical in getting any assignment across the finish line with "job well done" results all around.”

Bob Raser, Executive Producer/Director                                       RLR Production Group, Incorporated                                      Screen RLR vid-productions on the web

When I decided to write a book I had no idea what I was getting into. It took three years to write and the text flowed fairly well - but it was not complete. It needed to be polished, fixed and edited thoroughly - and quickly. Ann Gunder to the rescue. Not only did she take what I had written, which was admittedly a bit hard to read, she stepped up to the plate and helped me complete the full edits in a little over a week. It was important for me, as a self-publisher, to eliminate the possibility of a negative review on the basis of bad punctuation or incompetent sentence structure. Ann was a pleasure to work with, I recommend her without reservation and intend on using her services again in the future.

Justin Reed Early                                               Author, StreetChild    

As executive producer for large, long running projects, it has always been a challenge to find the right writer. That was until I met Ann Gunder. Ann worked with me on several TV projects, and made the critical difference. The first show we worked on was massive – it aired coast to coast for four years and it had a huge tech staff.

I was amazed to see that Ann was more than up to the task. Writing was one headache I did not have to worry about. Not only did she manage a writing and production staff, she set the tone and style, which played a major role in a steady income for our clients.

As producing and directing projects came to me, I brought Ann in to write the two-hour "High Tech Industry" event 'Thinkquest,' (the first ever special awards webcast), as well as The Entertainment Industry Foundations’ ‘Revlon Run Walk’ event, where she wrote speeches for Halle Berry, Melanie Griffith, and others. 

Whenever I’m approached with a new and sizeable project, and need to put together a team, my first call is to Ann. If she’s available, I know I’m off to a good start.

Terrence Thompson, Executive Producer                             Spectrum Entertainment Hollywood                                     Sample shows available on You Tube