Ann Gunder  Speechwriter • Copywriter • Ghostwriter • Special Events Writer • Advertising • TV • Radio 

•  Speechwriter  •  Copywriter  •  Ghostwriter 
•  Advertising  •  TV  •  Radio 
•  Special Events Writer


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I’ve written for Martin Scorsese, Halle Berry, Larry King, Mickey Mouse and others! And I’ll write for you!!

Professional wordsmith with years of experience writing...

• Speeches for celebrities, sports figures and politicians

• Special events such as the Revlon Run/Walk For Women, ThinkQuest Awards and Daytime Emmy Craft Awards Show

• Infomercials

• Synopses, taglines and product/department names

• Trade/consumer advertising/promotional materials 

Did I mention I’m also a ghostwriter?  Whew!  I write a lot.  But that’s what I do. 

Check out the samples and if you’d like to see more, please feel free to email me at: