Ann Gunder  Speechwriter • Copywriter • Ghostwriter • Special Events Writer • Advertising • TV • Radio 

•  Speechwriter  •  Copywriter  •  Ghostwriter 
•  Advertising  •  TV  •  Radio 
•  Special Events Writer



I’m a work-for-hire writer, currently freelancing for a variety of clients on a variety of projects.  I’ve ghostwritten books, as well as, written TV and radio commercials, infomercials, home shopping and trade/consumer advertising in the areas of fashion, healthcare, fitness, entertainment, nutrition, how-to, teens and consumer information.

My experience also includes writing for celebrities such as Halle Berry and Larry King; athletes such as Kerry Strug and Steve Young; politicians including former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan and Yan Kwong Tan, Deputy Minister of Education in Singapore plus many others.

I’ve worked with creative-types, technical-types and “I-don’t-know-how-to” types; too-loose cannons and too-tight schedules but I always get the job done and that’s what I’ll do for you – brainstorm, plan, implement, proof, cheer, write, rewrite and revise.


Below is just a sampling of the clients I've worked with and projects I’ve worked on.  


• Princess Cruise Lines

• Paramount

• Oxygen Media

• Aaron Spelling Productions

• "The Outlaw Trail" Documentary

• “The 27th Annual Daytime Emmy Craft Awards” Show

• “Andrea’s House Of Pets” TV Pilot

• “A Time For Families” Infomercial

• “Inhale” TV Series

• “ThinkQuest Awards” Show

• Revlon Run/Walk For Women Event

• “Joan Lunden’s Workout America” Infomercial Ad Campaign

• The JC Penney Television Shopping Channel

• “Choices” TV Pilot

• More!